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Precious Metal Thermocouples

Repeatable Processes Keep Business Running

Precision temperature consistency is key to manufacturing.
Honeywell Electronic Materials (HEM) precious metal thermocouples make repeatable manufacturing processes a reality to deliver consistent products to your customers. Our thermocouples are known for reliability and quality in the semiconductor industry. Now our products and services are available to photovoltaic manufacturers to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Make the Most of Limited Lifespans

Drift happens, but it’s virtually undetectable from outside the process. Because of this, all thermocouples have a limited lifespan and are replaced periodically. Depend on Honeywell to deliver thermocouples calibrated to replace your originals. Our precision calibration methods directly compare your thermocouples to Industry standards.

Re-design with Honeywell

To better meet your manufacturing needs, HEM collaborates directly with equipment makers and users to redesign and re-engineer thermocouples, improving their lifespan. Please contact us for more info about working together.


Profile and Spike thermocouples for precision temperature measurement

Metals Reclamation (SWAP), Repair and Recalibration

Precision Calibration

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